Basic Safety Training on the Occupational Hazards of Dental Radiation

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CPD points: 0.5 CPD points awarded

Course duration: 30 minutes

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Course Code: 003


Radiation legislation obliges dental practice owners and dentists to provide radiation safety training for all dental team members.


This course provides basic safety training identifying the occupational hazards, level of risk, and accident contingency planning associated with the dental environment where ionising radiation is used. The course is aimed at all members of the dental team most especially persons not authorised to use x-ray equipment.

Radiation legislation obliges dental practice owners and dentists to provide radiation safety training for both users and non-users of x-ray equipment. Safety training should be appropriate to the level of responsibility and tasks performed by persons who are working in the environment of ionising radiation to ensure their safety.

A record of this training should be maintained for at least 5 years.

Who Should Attend:

Dental team members, most especially persons who do not carry out the practical aspects of medical ionising radiation (non-users).

  • Dental nurses/Dental hygienists/Orthodontic therapists
  • Dentists including Radiation Protection Officer (RPO)
  • Receptionists/Administration staff
  • Cleaning and Maintenance staff

Course Aim: To review good practice in radiation protection measures required of dental personnel

Course Objectives:

  1. Briefing on the legal obligations of employers and employees regarding radiation protection
  2. Who is Accountable and What are the Responsibilities?
  3. Personal protective controls – the do’s and don’ts of safe working in a radiation environment
  4. Identification and management of accidental and unintended events.

Course Content:

Video Lesson, Post-Course Evaluation, CPD Certificate of Attendance