Practice Manager’s Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control Compliance

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CPD points: 0.5 CPD points awarded

Course duration: 30 minutes

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Dental Council’s Code of Practice states that all dental practices must have a formal, written infection prevention and control policy. A basic understanding of routine decontamination and environmental hygiene standards is necessary to ensure the practice’s compliance with the national guidelines.

What are the core compliance standards for dental infection prevention and control?

What level of documentation, training, and organisational governance is needed to satisfy the minimum standards?

This course introduces you to the building blocks necessary to establish, oversee and maintain infection control processes to align your practice with the standards required by Dental Council.

A record of attendance at this core CPD subject should be maintained for at least 5 years.

CPD Points Awarded: 0.5

Who Should Attend:

This introductory course raises your awareness and understanding of the steps necessary to strengthen your practice compliance structures. The course is intended for practice managers, dental practice owners and senior dental nurses who take the lead on infection prevention and control compliance issues within the practice.

This may include:

  • Practice Managers
  • Practice Owners
  • Senior Dental Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Compliance Leads

Course Aim: To examine the basic building blocks of compliance in infection prevention and control

Course Objectives:

  1. Introduce the core elements of infection control compliance for responsible persons
  2. Review mandatory elements of infection prevention and control governance
  3. Identify the infection control regulators and outline their regulatory scope in dentistry
  4. Discuss essential steps on the path towards an infection control compliant practice

Course Content:

Video Lesson, Post-Course Evaluation, CPD Certificate of Attendance